Ramblings #4: I actually, legitimately forgot this time and am not procrastinating

Hey. This post is coming out later than usual, so I’ll cut to the chase. Here’s a fun fact about this blog: I’ve amassed a considerable backlog of things that I want to write about. There’s a folder on my computer somewhere where I keep all of the photos I’ve taken for use here, andContinue reading “Ramblings #4: I actually, legitimately forgot this time and am not procrastinating”

The painting post

Today’s the day. We were going to have this post last week, but Mother Nature had other plans so I couldn’t get around to it (immediately, at least). My paints have thawed now, so it’s finally time to actually put some colors on my Sisters. I’m starting slow; I’ve set aside my Dominion squad toContinue reading “The painting post”

Of Remakes and Reimaginings

In the grim darkness of the far future, Pokemon is still trash. I didn’t expect to be writing an article about Pokemon. I thought I’d scrubbed my entire life of this stupid franchise after the whole Pokedex fiasco; after all, at 23 years of age it just isn’t worth putting time and energy into aContinue reading “Of Remakes and Reimaginings”

Awful Space Adventures in Stellaris

…what I really wanted to talk about is a particular story I’ve had while trying to learn this hulking beast of a game. Grab some popcorn, while I recount to you the tale of The Second War of Yapathi Subjugation, or: The Titanic Testicles of the Yapathi Independent Commonwealth.

Incoherent ramblings, part 2

Hey, I hope you guys have been doing well. I’ve decided to spend the last few days taking a break from writing, following about two days straight of just gushing about Battle Sisters on paper and fighting with WordPress’ WYSIWYG editor. I’ve been filling the time with a bunch of other things, most of whichContinue reading “Incoherent ramblings, part 2”

Incoherent Wednesday ramblings

Hey. There’s not too much happening this week, apart from Twitter melting down about a Fortnite player advocating for parents to take responsibility for the behaviour of their children (yes, this is a controversial statement in the bizarro-world that is Twitter-dot-com), and a bunch of shitposters are brutally murdering a multi-billion dollar hedge fund inContinue reading “Incoherent Wednesday ramblings”

They’re finally here!

Last week, I played some Minecraft while climbing up the walls in anticipation of the arrival of my Battle Sisters kit. This week, after a shipping delay and a brief stint in this week’s national coronavirus apocalypse province, my Battle Sisters kit actually arrived, and my girls were just as beautiful as I thought they’dContinue reading “They’re finally here!”

  1. Not bad! Your second mini definitely turned out better than the first one – and you first one was not…

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