Of Remakes and Reimaginings

In the grim darkness of the far future, Pokemon is still trash. I didn’t expect to be writing an article about Pokemon. I thought I’d scrubbed my entire life of this stupid franchise after the whole Pokedex fiasco; after all, at 23 years of age it just isn’t worth putting time and energy into aContinue reading “Of Remakes and Reimaginings”

Awful Space Adventures in Stellaris

…what I really wanted to talk about is a particular story I’ve had while trying to learn this hulking beast of a game. Grab some popcorn, while I recount to you the tale of The Second War of Yapathi Subjugation, or: The Titanic Testicles of the Yapathi Independent Commonwealth.

Incoherent ramblings, part 2

Hey, I hope you guys have been doing well. I’ve decided to spend the last few days taking a break from writing, following about two days straight of just gushing about Battle Sisters on paper and fighting with WordPress’ WYSIWYG editor. I’ve been filling the time with a bunch of other things, most of whichContinue reading “Incoherent ramblings, part 2”

Incoherent Wednesday ramblings

Hey. There’s not too much happening this week, apart from Twitter melting down about a Fortnite player advocating for parents to take responsibility for the behaviour of their children (yes, this is a controversial statement in the bizarro-world that is Twitter-dot-com), and a bunch of shitposters are brutally murdering a multi-billion dollar hedge fund inContinue reading “Incoherent Wednesday ramblings”

They’re finally here!

Last week, I played some Minecraft while climbing up the walls in anticipation of the arrival of my Battle Sisters kit. This week, after a shipping delay and a brief stint in this week’s national coronavirus apocalypse province, my Battle Sisters kit actually arrived, and my girls were just as beautiful as I thought they’dContinue reading “They’re finally here!”


I meant the holidays, not 2020, though I guess the title could fit both events. I’m not going to join in on the chorus of people cursing the entirety of last year– it’s a tired meme and if I hate anything it’s tired memes. Instead, let’s talk about something more close to home: Food. OddsContinue reading “IT’S OVER”

I watched a man eat himself to death and I need to think about my life for a second

Have you heard of the tale of Nikocado Avocado? He’s probably one of the more recognizable faces of Youtube’s mukbang community (that is, a community of people who film themselves eating food for their audience), and with good reason: he’s kind of insane incredibly hard for me to figure out. The dude basically went fromContinue reading “I watched a man eat himself to death and I need to think about my life for a second”


This is the obligatory introductory post. I’m Node. I’m a sysadmin who hangs around the internet and plays video games. I stream on Twitch (though, as of this writing I’m currently on hiatus. Eventually I’ll come back.) I like MMOs and stuff. I’m making this blog to sate my desire to create more structured, longformContinue reading “o/”

  1. Loved the article, and your Sisters are looking superb 👍 as for the citadel glue, the applicator is ridiculous, and…

  2. As you dive ever deeper into the world of miniature painting, you need Tamiya Extra Thin cement (it has a…

  3. Best of luck on maintaining a blog. Finding the right balance between enjoying blogging and it becoming a chore is…

  4. I’m glad you did! You can shoot me an email at nodehf@pm.me, or just reply here or something. Whatever floats…

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