Order of the Mourning Veil

“They will know the Emperor’s fury!”
NameOrder of the Mourning Veil
Daughters ofOrder of Our Martyred Lady
Battle CryVerses from the Exegesis
Honoured SaintValencia
StrengthEndangered (~1000)
ColoursDark grey armour, blue cloaks


The Order of the Mourning Veil is a minor Order operating on the pleasure world of Hesperus, located deep within the far reaches of the Segmentum Obscurus. Their Fortress-Convent sits among the mountainous peaks of a region known as the Black Rise, from which the Order watches over the planet.

They are significant in that they participate in a daily ritual known as the Miracle of Saint Valencia; once at dawn and again at dusk, the Sisters of the Order stand vigil outside, gazing deeply into the blue star Ramiel, Hesperus’ mighty sun, as it rises and sets. Believing that Ramiel is a vestige of the God-Emperor of Mankind, they willingly sear their eyes under its brilliant light, sacrificing their vision in the hopes that the Emperor Himself will guide their bodies and weapons from the Golden Throne on Terra. This deviation in worship, along with other events in the Order’s bloodied history, has made the Order’s relationship with the rest of the Ecclesiarchy tenuous at best.

Outside of their traditional colours of dark grey armour and blue robes, the Order’s Sisters are easily identifiable by how they cover their scarred eyes with bolts of cloth anointed in sacred oils. Helmets are also generally a common fixture amongst the Order’s members.

The Sisters of this Order equate martial prowess with faith in the Emperor; swelled with their own pride, they are obligated to make swift examples of those foolish enough to challenge either. A Sister’s search for divinity comes in the form of endless refinement of her combat skills.


Emboldened by the Miracle, the Order is merciless in combat; in order to properly impose the Emperor’s will, humanity’s enemies must not only purged, but dominated and humiliated to the greatest degree possible. To achieve this end, the Order’s Sisters execute carefully practiced combat doctrines with surgical precision and an unmatched level of coordination. A typical engagement for the Order is a drawn-out bloodbath that borders on the sadistic; its Sisters will systematically dismantle the enemy’s defenses and morale before dealing any sort of decisive blow.

Despite their excellence in battle, the Order deploys itself conservatively; only choosing to strike where the conditions are most favourable. They strive to avoid needless losses, for defeat is the ultimate disgrace.

On the battlefield, the Order prefers melee combat mixed with small arms. Seraphim and their more prestigious counterparts, Zephyrim, are looked upon with reverence as the Order’s most distinguished warriors. Penitent Engines are considered the path of their patron saint– Sisters will willingly place themselves within such machines, their chemical implants modified to enhance aggression, awareness, and combat ability. Ironically, few Sisters of this Order ever induct themselves into the Sisters Repentia.

The Exegesis

The Order’s combat doctrines are codified in the volumes of the Exegesis, the only artifact of the Order’s relentless pursuit of combat excellence. It is a collection of the accounts of and philosophical dissertations over hundreds of battles; a how-to-kill manual written by the Order’s Sisters throughout the millennia. The Exegesis is as old as the Order itself; one may look at it as an epic spanning thousands of years, singing of the Order’s greatest triumphs and mourning its darkest losses. Sisters of the Order devote thousands of hours into studying its contents, even going as far as bringing copies of its verses into battle.

All Sisters write volumes for addition to the Exegesis, but few are ever considered to be part of its “canon” (much time is spent debating on the worthiness of a volume in this regard). All volumes ever written for the Exegesis, worthy or not, are kept well-protected within the Fortress-Convent of the Order.


The Order is structured as a brutal meritocracy: Sisters train to consistently outperform each other on the battlefield, and authority is granted to those showing the highest level of martial skill. Sparring with live weapons is commonplace; it’s not uncommon to see pairs of Sisters, slaked with blood, lining up for medical treatment after an intense duel.

Despite this chaotic hyper-competitive environment, fellowship and honour between Sisters remains one of the Order’s greatest values. Those who find themselves wanting in these areas suffer great retribution.

Notable figures

Saint Valencia

The inaugural volume of the Exegesis, set during a period of time known as the Hesperian Incursions, describes two figures locked in mortal combat; the first of which being Valencia, patron Saint of the Order. Known only as a Sister Hospitaller prior to the incursions, she rose to prominence through her feats of heroism alongside her commander, Lucretia. Ultimately, however, she would be forced to do battle with and be slain by Lucretia whilst imprisoned in an Anchorite. Valencia was only recognized as a Saint posthumously, and to this day she is the only martyr ever recorded by the Order.

Lucretia, Canoness Superior

The founder of the Order and the second figure described in the first volume of the Exegesis, Lucretia formerly led the 5th Commandery of the Order of Our Martyred Lady’s preceptory on Hesperus prior to the Incursions. The first out of many to accept the Miracle of Saint Valencia, she was forsaken by her peers and forced into hiding alongside the rest of her Commandery. After slaying her subordinate and longtime friend Valencia, she established the Order of the Mourning Veil as an independent entity.


The paints in this scheme are merely guidelines. Do whatever you want, it’s your life.

  • GW Abaddon Black – undercoat/leather
  • GW Mechanicus Standard Grey – armor
  • GW Macragge Blue – robes
  • GW Dryad Bark – belts
  • GW Corax White – white accents
  • GW Leadbelcher – silver accents/weapons
  • GW Retributor Armor – gold accents
The Order’s traditional colours.

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