Ramblings #4: I actually, legitimately forgot this time and am not procrastinating

Hey. This post is coming out later than usual, so I’ll cut to the chase.

Here’s a fun fact about this blog: I’ve amassed a considerable backlog of things that I want to write about. There’s a folder on my computer somewhere where I keep all of the photos I’ve taken for use here, and as of a few weeks ago I’ve accumulated more than I can feasibly manage. So, uh, here’s a bunch of photos that may or may not be in chronological order and may or may not include context:

Lazy man’s miniature photography

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Jack Scalfani reference (Don’t click away; I assure you, this is better than his cooking.) It turns out that since I’ve gotten into Warhammer 40k proper I’ve amassed a ton of cardboard. Thanks, Amazon:

Shoutouts to random Tabasco box.

I usually break these boxes down and store them for later use. I want to eventually use them for terrain, though most of the creators I’ve been looking to for inspiration have only built really Orky things with spare junk. It makes sense, however Hesperus doesn’t have an Ork infestation (yet).

Instead, I’ve been building more practical things:

An artisanal masterpiece.

This is a portable miniature photography thingy that I’ve built out of one of my boxes, some masking tape, and two pieces of plain old white paper. The plinth our unpainted Sister is standing on is the second part of a two-part shaker cup; it was originally supposed to hold protein powder or pre-workout formula or G-Fuel or whatever.

I shine my desk lamp over the model (I probably want a second one of these for the sake of better lighting) and use my phone to take pictures. The results are pretty nice:

Also, is it just me, or does the camera magically make paintjobs look worse? I always end up pointing out one or two features that look off from behind the camera lens that I didn’t in the two to three hours that I’ve spent staring at the model. But I digress; this is a neat tool. I’m looking into making a place to hold my paints next…

The part of the article where I talk about sand

I grabbed some sand from my driveway and shoved it into a Tupperware container. I figured it’d be nice to use as basing material:

There’s finer particles settled in the bottom of the container. There’s a scientific term for it but I don’t remember.

The process is simple, hit the base with glue, dump sand onto the base, dump some thinned-down glue on top. I’ve given several of my Battle Sisters this treatment:

Boom, they’re rocky now.

After I primed these miniatures black with a can of Vallejo Black Hobby Primer that I haven’t bothered to photograph and fully painted the Battle Sister part of them, I went ahead and dry-brushed the bases with some GW Dawnstone paint, which created a cool off-black texture thing that I like looking at:

Ignore my questionable primer coverage.

The dry-brushing did well to hide the smudges on the base from by questionable brush control. In an ideal world I probably would have touched up the bases with Abaddon Black and some Nuln Oil or something before dry-brushing, but I was feeling pretty lazy. Oh well, it’s something to think about when I paint my next batch.

It’s also worth mentioning that I probably didn’t use enough glue or thin it down enough to adhere the sand to my base; a bit of it broke off while I was working on the miniatures.

Anyway, sand is cool. I like sand.

Brother Corbulo sends his regards

I’ve neglected to post some photos of things that I got a while ago from Kingdom of the Titans, a game store in Canada’s very own province of Quebec:


Nothing too fancy; a case to hold and protect my minis (things get really dusty in this house), a drill, and some Stormshield matte varnish (the same pot that I used in the painting post!) I do want to point out the bag that the varnish came in, though…

Our dear boy Smitty hath been usurped from his position as number one. Also haha peepee.

For the record, I didn’t write “Brother Corbulo #1 P.P.” on the bag; it came in like this. God is my witness. I have no idea who Brother Corbulo is, or if he’s a Quebecois priest or a Space Marine Chaplain or something, but I’d like to imagine that he’s a pretty swell guy.

Anyway, I used the drill to bore out some gun barrels. It was a good day.

This model makes me sad, but that’s a story for another post.

Other things

I’m caught up in not one, but two roleplaying campaigns across Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, so I’ve been slightly busy. There’s also an event running right now in FF where I can earn moogle tomes, so that’s been occupying another large portion of my time as of late.

The bunnysuit makes it worth it.

I also have more things coming in the mail eventually:

I couldn’t help myself. The Curseling’s helmet makes him look like a slug and it’s precious:

Look at his dumb, goofy face.

I’ll name him Slugboi for now, with an “i”. I don’t even know how I’m going to paint him.

I’ve got a few more posts lined up in the coming weeks, I just need to write them. Expect another painting post and a Zephyrim post soon enough. Hopefully they won’t get slapped together haphazardly in another edition of Ramblings… which I guess is now just a regular fixture of this blog, isn’t it?

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you again next time!

5 thoughts on “Ramblings #4: I actually, legitimately forgot this time and am not procrastinating

  1. Yo Node,
    you might want to think about resizing your pix before adding them to WP. If you’re going to start posting a bunch of mini’s, that’ll eat up your free 3gb library within a couple of years. Even cutting them in half will make a big difference in the long haul. Not trying to tell you how to run your blog, just remember that space on WP isn’t infinite 😦


    1. Yeah, that’s crossed my mind a few times. I’ve lumped that problem in with other long-term decisions I might make eventually, like deciding to upgrade my plan here or hosting all of my images externally or just jumping ship entirely and self-hosting the entire blog. A dollar gets me 10GB of storage on DigitalOcean monthly, apparently.

      You’re right though, I should look into having my camera not puke out images that are 3MB a piece.

      Liked by 1 person

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